Highlights in An Hour: The Lunchtime Hair Treatment by L’Oréal Everyone Wants is Coming To White Haus

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Say goodbye to the 3 hour salon appointments and hello to L’Oréal Instant Highlights – a salon exclusive coming to White Haus Hair & Beauty this March.

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If you aspire for celeb sun-kissed hair in half the time: this is the treatment for you.  No-one wants to spend their entire Saturday staring at themselves in a mirror watching their foundation slowly but surely being wiped away … whilst trying to achieve the hair of your dreams all the while pondering if that’s what you really look like – cheers salon mirrors!

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Thanks to L’Oréal’s new highlighting system, your hair can be lightened up to 6 levels in just 15-30 seconds – opposed to the usual 30-45 minutes! That translates as your entire appointment being up to 1 hour for the total service from application to rinse. Amazing right? Yes people, time really is of the essence and now there’s no reason for you to stick around for 4 hours (even though we’d love you to) – it’s time to get fab hair which can be done in a lunch hour!

How Do L’Oréal Instant Highlights Work? 

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By using a specially designed heated iron developed by the clever people at L’Oréal. Think, straightening iron but more innovative. It’s a lot cooler but helps the hair develop in rapid time. We’re 100% in the year of technology. When you wish you had more time but you also need a hair colour refresh we can help you do both with Instant Highlights.

Will L’Oréal Instant Highlights Damage My Hair? 

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 14.14.41

The short answer is: no. Though we use heat to speed up the process, the heated iron only reaches max. temperature 140 degrees. Add to that Smartbond-enriched cream formula which strengthens and protects your hair: you’re as damage-free as dying gets.

Who Are L’Oréal Instant Highlights For?

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L’Oréal knows best: this innovative new technique can create a number of looks for a number of desires:

  • trend-aware aficionados – Oh, hi hair goals.
  • face-framing highlights – Instant fabulousness in a flash.
  • balayage revival – fresh colour in 30 minutes? Sold.

Basically, we all want hair like Chrissy Teigen. With L’Oréal Instant Highlights it’s a reality. And a time saver.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 13.02.18.png

L’Oréal Instant Highlights Menu

L’Oréal Instant Highlights are not your regular old highlighting session; they’re designed to be speedy service and treatment. We use a maximum of 15 foils tailored by L’Oréal and have a a number of looks we can achieve with L’Oréal Instant Highlights:

Insta Contouring with L’Oréal Instant Highlights

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 13.07.21.png

This look will help to instantly frame your face and will accentuate your facial features with our clever contouring techniques and colour placement. We love this fabulous #INSTACONTOURING by Adam Reed of Percy & Reed.

Insta Revive with L’Oréal Instant Highlights 

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 13.07.36.png

This look revives and brightens old and dull ombré or balayage for a quick refresh on the go. How gorgeous is this #INSTAREVIVE by Aoife Bradly of Dylan Bradshaw!?

Insta Pop with L’Oréal Instant Highlights

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 13.07.08

This look adds a pop of colour throughout the hair from subtle pastels to bold statement shades. This #INSTAPOP creation by Jo O’Neill of Toni & Guy is all the pastel hair goals.

We’re so excited to recreate and create new Instant Highlight looks for our clients at White Haus: roll on March!

How Do I Book L’Oréal Instant Highlights

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 14.07.40.png

The technique will be available at White Haus Hair & Beauty this March as a L’Oréal Salon Exclusive. You can book via our website http://www.whitehaushairandbeauty.com. You can call our team who will find a suitable appointment time for you: 0151 709 7604. Or you can email us at: info@whitehaushairandbeauty.com 

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